Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sonic Boom (aka Satan's scream) Pt. 2

I promised a reader yesterday that I would write about my results with my new Sonic BOOM Alarm Clock but unfortunately I didn't get around to it last night. So here we go! Yesterday morning was my first true experience with the alarm, which I now like to call The Bastard on my Nightstand (and his Obnoxious Siamese Twin Under my Memory Foam Bed Topper).

The Bastard jolted me awake promptly at 7:15AM and into a state of fear and confusion. I was disoriented for several seconds, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. And then I felt the bed vibrating strongly under me, glanced at the clock, and remembered. I pressed the snooze button and got another 10 minutes of sleep before I was assaulted again, but the second time wasn't nearly as terrifying as the first. This is actually mildly concerning...if the shock of the experience is what wakes me up, will it still work once I've had weeks or months to get used to it?

The product description on describes it to be louder than a jackhammer. While it certainly was not like being woken gently to the sound of angels singing in chorus, I' having a hard time believing that it actually is noisier than a jackhammer. Maybe I just haven't heard many jackhammers in my life.

TLDR: yes, it works well. Aside from another person physically beating me in the nose and eyes until I wake up, it's nearly impossible to get me up until I'm ready, and the Sonic Boom worked beautifully. I highly recommend it.


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