Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life: Winter 2010-Fall 2012...PART ONE

Okay here we go...

As you will remember, my hubbers left for Afghanistan in September of 2010.  It sucked.  Life was hard for a while.  I cried a lot.  But slowly, things became easier.  Winter came (my favorite, favorite time of the year!) and it started to snow (my favorite type of precipitation).  Watching my kids have fun in it was a major source of joy in my life.  They played in the backyard...

We went sledding...

I even enrolled the boys into indoor soccer to pass some time.  Johnny took to it like a champ:

 Hayden, not so much...

 He preferred to sit on my lap.

(We've since tried several times to encourage him to play, but after this year's fall soccer flop, we've conceded that he just isn't into sports lol).

Eventually Christmas was finally here!

My kids made sure to keep my hands occupied while my husband was away...

(the culprit)

I got a creepy dog to keep me company...

Okay, he can be cute too.

But this certainly isn't cute:

I made my son a shitty Darth Vader cake for his birthday (hey, I tried!)

 But at least it was made of rainbows...

Then finally, the month after the shitty cake, my husband came home.

So we went to Disney World!

The best part:

We also went to some other places during that trip. One of my favorites was the Airborne and Special Ops museum in Fayetteville, NC.  They don't allow flash photography so the crappy cellphone pics will have to suffice.

We went to the Jamestown Settlement in Virginia...

And walked around Philadelphia for a while:

After our vacation, my husband returned to work after a couple weeks.  Life became normal again, we happily adapted to our routine way of life.  We spent the summer at home mostly, occasionally having family over for cookouts and the normal summertime activities.  We went camping in the White Mountains in New Hampshire and thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Which brings us to fall/winter of 2011, which I will need to continue tomorrow as a new post.  Goodnight! 

Life Got in the Way...

Wow.  It's been a while, huh guys?  If you even remember me...!

I kept resolving to start blogging again.  Something funny/weird/sad would happen to me, and I would think "I should write about this in my blog..." but I just kept putting it off.   Here's kinda how it went inside my neurotic head:  when I was writing often, I would feel like I was letting people down if I didn't update regularly.  So I got busy or maybe just didn't feel like writing one week, and then another for whatever reasons I had...then eventually it got to a point that it felt weird to come back because so much time had elapsed.  

The kids are older now too, and busier.  They've got school and friends and sports.  That certainly keeps me running around.  Oh yeah, and my husband came home (...a year and a half ago...) so I spend whatever time I can with him too since he has a crazy work schedule.  Blag blag excuse excuse...anyway!

I made some good blogger friends when I was active here, and every once in a while some of you still pop up into my head.  And today I was thinking about them (maybe even YOU!) a little more thoroughly and I started reading through some of my favorite blogger's sites, and it made me really sad that I've missed so much.  I'm going to try, really, to stick around and stop being so lazy.  I truly enjoy writing, and while I still do a lot of it privately offline...I so miss being part of the blog community.  I hope at least one of you missed me too.  :)

So I was just sitting here typing out a list of everything I've done during my extended absence and I realized that my everyday life is still pretty boring.  Have I accomplished anything since I wrote last?  Nah, not really.  Experienced anything noteworthy?  Yes, some things...but maybe not enough to write about.  So I think the easiest and most interesting way to catch you all up to my life in the past 1.5-2 years would be to make a photo post chronicling the most important events.  

I'm getting started as soon as I submit this post!  


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