Friday, January 29, 2010

My future grandchildren: Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi.

When my two older kids like a video game, they become obsessed beyond help and their entire lives revolve around the character(s). Months ago, my husband was playing his way through Resident Evil 4 and by the time he had been playing for a couple days in a row, he was asking our 6 (now 7) year old daughter for tips. She wouldn't actually play the game herself because "it's too scary", but she would go on YouTube and watch the walkthrough videos.

Eventually she memorized where every trap was and where all of he hidden inventory items were located. She was able to tell whomever was playing exactly how to get through a difficult part. Teagan wanted a Resident Evil themed birthday party, and she wanted to watch the movies. She and her 3 year old brother ran around the house pretending to be Leon and Ashley, slaying their horde of reanimated plush animals (which were totally unconvincing as zombies if you ask me).

Currently the games of choice are anything in Nintendo's Mario series, which I am more than okay with since 1) I tend to believe that Mario is more appropriate for young children than blowing the faces off of chainsaw wielding zombies and 2) because Mario is already close to my heart since I grew up playing the games myself.

These days, I get woken up early by my 3 year old son Johnny with him jumping on my skull screaming "MOMMY COME PLAY Wiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!" This usually means one of two things: he wants me to play New Super Mario Bros or the classic Super Mario Bros 3 with him as a team, or he wants to watch me play Super Mario Galaxy since it's a little too difficult for him. He's becoming a very skilled player. I imagine within a few more months he'll be like those Asian child video game prodigies and be able to beat the entire game in five minutes like this person.

I'm planning a Mario Bros themed birthday for him in March, I plan to make a Goomba pinata. About an hour ago I was standing in the kitchen filling a glass of water when I noticed the kids running around pretending to be the characters. My daughter came sliding into the kitchen and says "Mom, guess what? When I have kids I'm going to name them Mario and Luigi. Is that a good idea?" "Oh of course!" I say. Then I turn to Johnny and ask him what he plans to name his children. "Yoshi." he replies.


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